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What is Consolid?

Consolid is an environment that ensures the consignors collaboration for the most efficient use of transport resources.

It's a logistics operational tool with a wide range of functionality covering all the consignors’ needs.

Automated internal and external consolidation with other market players ensures the highest efficiency.

Does Consolid provide the replacement of the carrier?

No, the consignor can continue cooperation with current carriers and at the same time has the ability to compare transportation prices on the market and consider alternatives.

How does Consolid work with the consignor’s own transport?

In this case, Consolid will help you find a reload and a backload for your vehicle.

Does Consolid provide with carrier?

Consolid cooperates with a large number of carriers, however, you can continue to cooperate with your current carriers by transferring this cooperation to the digital space. And also, consider alternatives and make the best decision for yourself.

How we interact with 3PL operators (Raben, FM Logistics, SUUS)?

Consolid provides an opportunity to cooperate with all available 3PL operators in the region. Interaction with them in the legal sphere takes place directly. If you have a valid contract with one of them, you do not need to change it. Consolid only provides the selection of the most optimal option and automatic integration.

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