What is Consolid?

This is an online service that helps businesses find a way to deliver cargo at a good price. We have a wide range of tools for organizing transportation and reducing its cost.

How to connect?

1. Register and access the Consolid service.

2. Select the transport company and delivery method.

3. Choose the form of cooperation with the transport company: sign a contract for transport services, an offer contract, an application contract.

4. Place an application on the platform.

Is it paid?

For shippers, the service is completely free.

What is the benefit of connecting?

You don't need to find out about tariffs from a large number of carriers - because we have collected all offers in one window! This will provide you with the best price - when working with us, it is lower than with direct agreements with the carrier.

Which transport companies cooperate with us?

These are large companies proven on the market - such as FM Logistics, UVK, Raben and others. We increase this list daily. You can also join your shipping company to ensure you get the best shipping terms.

What types of cargo do we work with?

We have offers for all types of cargo: "frozen", chilled products, food and non-food products, alcohol and more.

What is the geography of deliveries?

We work throughout the territory of Ukraine, except for the temporarily occupied territories.